Posted in: Moving Posted on: Jul 25th, 2016

The Ins and Outs of Short-Term Housing in Milwaukee

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Having to relocate for work or another short-term reason can be a real headache, and the stress will reach high levels if you let it. Whether you’re visiting Milwaukee for a college semester or for a temporary work project, knowing what local services are available is crucial to assuring that your short stay is productive and enjoyable. We’ve put together a list of local resources and tips to ease your move if you’re considering short-term housing in Milwaukee.

What should you bring to a short-term rental?

The answer to this question is simple: not much. When you walk into a short-term, furnished rental, you’ll be greeted with all of the essentials: major bedroom and living room furniture, a television, and major kitchen appliances. Every short-term rental is different, but “furnished” implies that most of the major necessities will be included. Be sure to bring all of your personal items, though, like toiletries, clothes, bed linens, and towels. If you want the space to feel more like home, be sure to bring a couple of items to decorate, as long as they can be removed easily when you leave.

Why a short-term rental and not a hotel?

While an extended-stay hotel or room-sharing option like AirBnB might seem like less of a headache up front, they’re going to rack up a much higher bill in the long run. Plus, these rentals are hard to break in as your own, while a short-term rental gives you the ability to put personal touches on the space. While a short-term apartment may seem like more of a hassle to secure upfront, this isn’t necessarily true. Many find that after all of the legwork is done, a short-term rental is a much more logical option for housing during a short stay in Milwaukee.

What’s nearby?

Moving to a bustling city like Milwaukee means there are lots of local services nearby to get virtually whatever you need done. Getting acquainted with the local businesses and services is a big part of feeling comfortable in your new home, and since you’ll only be staying a short while, you’ll want to make that process as simple as possible. Having a dependable dry-cleaner is a very important part of settling into your new home. The highest rated cleaner in the Milwaukee area, according to customers, is Westwood Dry Cleaners on West North Avenue. The staff is welcoming, the service is thorough, and the prices are reasonable. To pick up groceries for the week, or to run those pesky errands, there are all kinds of options. There’s Whole Foods in East Town for health fanatics and Pacific Produce on South 27th Street for affordable Asian goods. Some shops offer more specialty foods like Glorioso’s Italian Market on the Lower East Side. The shop has curated specialty meats, cheeses, desserts, and other Italian goods.

There are obvious benefits to renting a short-term apartment in Milwaukee, including these services that will alleviate everyday stress. Feel free to do your own research and discover even more local businesses and resources in your new city.