Posted in: Nightlife Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2016

Take Advantage of Milwaukee’s Vibrant Nightlife Scene at These Hotspots

Photo Credit: Public Domain

One of the most popular aspects of living in Milwaukee, WI is the vibrant nightlife scene, which kicks into full gear just after sunset. Going out in the evening is a fun way to explore your town, meet new people, and unwind after a long day. There are many bars, restaurants, and clubs to explore in Milwaukee when you feel like going out for a drink or dancing. Whether you’re out by yourself, going on a first date, or hanging with your friends, it’s easy to pick a spot that is just right for your plans. Use this guide to learn about the best places to visit during a fun night out in Milwaukee.

Music Sets the Mood

When you’re deciding which nightlife venues to visit during your next night out, the music options at each location can be an important factor in your decision. There are several bars in Milwaukee that offer the chance to hear great live music, including Lucille’s Piano Bar & Grill. Located on North Old World Third Street, Lucille’s is one of “the nation’s few true dueling piano bars.” Every visit gives you the opportunity to hear lively music from an exciting variety of performers from all over the country. The shows are interactive, engaging, and hilarious. If you are hosting a special event at Lucille’s, you may get the chance to send your guest of honor on stage for an entertaining roast by the piano players.

Secret Plans

Sometimes it can be fun to imagine what life would be like if you were a spy, like your favorite characters in the movies. What if you had the chance to enter a covert spy lounge while dining in Milwaukee? Patrons of Safehouse have been experiencing the life of a spy firsthand during their evenings out since 1966. Only those who know the password or pass a clearance test are allowed in—so as to keep out the double agents. Once inside, you and your fellow spies can spend the evening enjoying this secretive hideout. A night out at Safehouse can certainly make for a unique experience that goes above and beyond your standard night of boozing.

Small Plates

There is such an incredible variety when it comes to Milwaukee restaurants that it can be hard to choose just one for dinner. When you’re narrowing down the options, consider picking a restaurant that will grant you the chance to try many dishes during your meal, like Balzac Wine Bar on North Arlington Place. The elegantly simple restaurant serves tapas-style small plates, so you can choose a handful of menu items instead of one large entree. The restaurant also has an award-winning wine list to complement the tapas menu. Balzac Wine Bar was crowned “Best Wine Bar” five years in a row and “Best Bar for a First Date” four years in a row by Milwaukee Magazine.

If you’re new to the city, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of intriguing nightlife venues to check out while living in Milwaukee.